Adobe Success Story: Integrated customer service delivery

I can finally speak publicly about what I’ve been working on lately at Adobe, as part of the TXI team: Hendrix.
Adobe@Adobe: Integrated customer service delivery
Adobe transforms customer service and sales using the Adobe Flash Platform and Adobe LiveCycle ES2 for more responsive, integrated service delivery.

Adobe is always looking for the best solution to meet any business challenge. Recently, we set out to empower call center agents with faster, smarter access to information—giving them instant access to the information they need to answer customer questions. By leveraging the Adobe Flash Platform, we created a dynamic and sophisticated RIA that gives call center agents an intuitive, rich interface for accessing data in complex enterprise systems. Almost instantly, service agents can identify customers’ primary concerns, quickly locate the appropriate information, and address customer requests faster than ever. The RIA is helping us exceed our customers’ service expectations—and improve agent training and reduce costs as byproducts. To read more about the world-class customer service RIA, check out the story on the Adobe Customer Showcase.

To view a demo, you can also watch the 14 mins MAX keynote – “Pimp my App”.

Technology stack used to develop this product:

  • Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES2
  • Adobe Flex SDK.
  • Adobe Flash Builder
  • Adobe Flash Catalyst
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5

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